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About Us

It’s work but not as you know it.

In 2007 we embarked on a mission to revolutionise the way we work. We pioneered co-working and shared workspace in regional towns. Spaces for people who want to work for themselves, just not by themselves.

We own remarkable workhubs for smart-thinking entrepreneurs, creative start-ups and ambitious small businesses. And although we don’t like to shout about it we are recognised as one of the leading operators of shared workspace in the UK.

We understand that people like to be around people like themselves. So we create inclusive, collaborative communities of like-minded people doing exciting things. We work really hard to bring together the right talent, energy and resources to create an environment in which you feel inspired and are successful.

Because your workspace should be more than just a place you go to work.

We do things differently.

We insist on our workspaces being in the town centre – so you can walk or cycle or get the bus to them (and your kid’s school, the shops, Javier the hairdresser…you get our drift). We invest mucho dollars in buying amazing buildings. So if it looks like a shed on a faceless edge-of-town business park it won’t be one of ours. It’s just not our thing.

We tailor the workspace to suit your needs, from co-working, to full-time desks, work pods and studio. And to make sure you don’t spend all your time at your desk we wrap them around a hub consisting of cafe, lounge, garden, shared resources, event space and meeting rooms.

We believe you should have fun at work. So we throw in a good dose of table-top football, deck chairs, hammocks, table tennis, beers and pizza on a Friday, cycling club, rounders in the park and loads of social events.

Because to be productive, you sometimes need time out.

Our Workhubs

Where we’re at.

We have chosen only to operate outside the big cities. Not because we have anything against cities but because we believe that there should be an alternative to locating your business in one.

Lots of regional towns have vibrant entrepreneurial clusters and we’ve proved that many more ambitious businesses will locate in regional towns if inspiring workspaces exist.

If you’d like to know more about what we do get in touch or come and visit one of our workhubs. You are welcome anytime.

Building Type

Town centre, Grade II listed former school and boxing club.


14,000ft2 self-contained studios and open plan flexible workspace set around a landscaped courtyard with parking.

  • Café
  • Event space
  • Meeting rooms
  • Skype booths
  • Video-conferencing
  • Resource library
  • Showers & bike racks
  • 100Mbps superfast fibre
  • VoIP phones
  • Parking
  • Co-working
  • Permanent desks
  • Workpods
  • Self-contained studios

The Old Church School

Butts Hill
BA11 1HR

T 01373 888108
F 01373 888107

Coming Soon

Collar Factory


We will shortly be announcing the details of our latest workhub.
Please contact us for more information.

Building Type

Customised shipping containers at Temple Meads Station. Now letting.


Twenty architect-designed studios in customised shipping containers with access to all the facilities at Engine Shed

  • Café
  • Event space
  • Meeting rooms
  • Lounge & work booths
  • Bike racks
  • 100Mbps superfast fibre
  • VoIP phones
  • Co-working
  • Permanent desks
  • Self-contained studios
  • Furnished/unfurnished
  • Engine Shed membership

Boxworks @ Engine Shed

Clocktower Yard
Temple Gate


We know that you’d like to know what we know.

Are you interested in setting up your own shared workspace? We’re flattered to be recognised as one of the leading shared workspace operators in the country and have provided advice and mentoring to lots of organisations who’ve gone on to set up their own successful spaces.

We offer a range of consultancy packages to assist in the process of setting up a workhub or making an existing space more successful. We will help you get the right mix of ingredients to make your workhub vibrant and sustainable.

We know what makes a collaborative space tick. We’ll give you grass roots advice on flexible layouts; furniture design and other space must-haves; pricing structures and tariffs; and most important (and difficult) of all how to create a strong, dynamic and collaborative community. We’ll share everything we’ve learnt and a few mistakes we’ve made.

Unless you’re Google you’re probably opening your workhub on a budget, so we’ll make sure you spend your resources on the right things and avoid making costly mistakes. Over 80% of co-working space are not economically sustainable, so you can see getting it right is not easy!

We have worked with public and private sector organisations including: the University of Bath, Bath Co-working, Bath & NE Somerset Council, Mendip District Council, South Somerset District Council, Taunton Dean Borough Council, Stroud District Council, Somerset County Council, Devon County Council, Cornwall County Council, Wiltshire Council Enterprise Network, Galliford Try, Renaissance Land, South Devon Rural Housing Association, Nash Partnership, Llandovery Workhub, and the Work Hubs Network.

Our rates start at £250+VAT. Please contact us for more details.

Ask Us

Give us a shout.

Want to get in touch? You can give us a call, drop us a line or even pop round for a chat. We have great coffee and we love a good chin-wag.